Kikuyu Grass and Turf Supply in Sydney


John Smith's Turf supplies one grade of Kikuyu turf supply to Sydney.

Kikuyu turf is the most popular of lawns for both domestic and commercial properties throughout Sydney.

Kikuyu grass grows vigorously in Sydney┬┤s summer months and is most suitable for high traffic areas but does not grow well in shaded areas. It is a deep-rooted perennial grass and can be used for larger park and recreational areas.

Kikuyu lawns are a durable and economical option for Sydney as Kikuyu is an attractive and a hard-wearing lawn that thrives in full sunlight.

Kikuyu Turf Characteristics:

  • - Strong growth rates in the sun but relatively poor rates in shaded areas
  • - An abundance of water in warmer months leads to very high growth rates
  • - Strong tolerance to disease and weeds
  • - Excellent resistance to frost and cold
  • - Tolerant of moderate traffic if grown in sunny areas with added nutrients

John Smith┬┤s Turf - Expert turf suppliers & lawn Installation company in Sydney is happy to provide tips on kikuyu grass lawn care and maintenance to Sydney home and commercial property owners.


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