Legend Couch Grass and Turf Suppliers Sydney

John Smith's Turf supply the following types of couch grasses throughout Sydney and surrounding areas:


Santa Ana turf is a warm season lawn suited to Sydney. It is fine leafed, has a medium growth rate and is tolerant of wear. This type of lawn grows in full sun and is a shade tolerant grass for Sydney lawns. If maintained properly, Santa Ana is a durable and attractive grass option. Santa Ana is a deep emerald green couch grass that suits Sydney´s climate.

Santa Ana Turf Characteristics:

  • - Excellent tolerance of heavy traffic if receives a lot of sunlight
  • - Strong resistance to weeds and disease
  • - Very high recuperation rates and excellent wearability
  • - Occasional thatching when not mowed at a consistent height
  • - Becomes temporarily dormant during NSW´s winter although this depends on frost levels


Winter Green couch is a fine leafed lawn for Sydney and grows at a medium rate and is again most suitable for bowling greens and recreational areas. Winter Green forms a dense matt in touch and appearance.

Winter Green Turf Characteristics:

  • - Propagated from stolons
  • - Very strong retention of colour during the colder months
  • - Superb wear, recuperation and green up rates
  • - Doesn´t cause irritation
  • - Strong resistance to pests and disease
  • - Doesn't require high levels of maintenance

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