Buffalo Grass and Buffalo Grass and Buffalo Turf Suppliers Sydney

As Sydney´s premier buffalo grass suppliers, we stock the following varieties:


This soft leaf buffalo grass is tolerant of many conditions, will grow vigorously and has an excellent shade tolerance. Shademaster soft buffalo turf is hardy and resilient although it prefers a warmer climate, it will still perform well in colder climates.

ST 85/ Lush green Semi Dwarf Buffalo Grass

ST 85 is a lush green semi dwarf buffalo grass. It is soft and has an excellent shade tolerance as well as enjoying plenty of sun whilst only requiring low maintenance.


Matilda buffalo grass is a truly stunning lawn. Its dense fibrous root system will enhance the rapid establishment of your new lawn, minimizing your water use, labour and time. Matilda turf is a soft leaf buffalo native to Australia.

ST 26

This type of buffalo is very soft, medium textured and is extremely attractive. It has a semi vigorous growth pattern and is the most versatile turf grass available. ST 26 is an attractive bright green colour. Furthermore it is shade tolerant, and thrives in warmer climates but has a good winter resistance and a consistent deep green colour.

PALMETTO® Stenotaphrum secundatum 'SS100' A

Palmetto buffalo grass is a very soft leaf and unlike older traditional scratchy buffalo, Palmetto is the perfect choice of turf lawn for domestic homes in Sydney. Palmetto buffalo grass is fast growing and thrives in shaded areas as well as being a soft textured leaf. Palmetto is shade tolerant and actively grows in winter with a consistent deep green colour.


Sapphire is shade tolerant and is hardwearing turf for Sydney homes and commercial settings. Sapphire buffalo grass and buffalo turf is different from its sister buffalos because of its fine texture. Sapphire is deep rooted and slow growing as well as winter tolerant. Sapphire thrives in warm humid climates with high tolerance to frost and a consistent deep green colour.

John Smith´s Turf - Expert turf suppliers & lawn Installation company in Sydney, also stocks buffalo grass fertilizer for Sydney lawns.


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